Live from the Steem Accelerator Hub: Last working day of 2017

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Hello everyone. Below is the activities from the Steem Accelerator hub as it happened on the 30th of December 2017. We had a surprise guest at the hub in the person of @Destinysaid. It was a fun way to cap the eyar as @francistagbo serenaded us to some soulful lyrics he composed for STACH.

In the picture: @Winarobert, @Francistagbo @Destinysaid @Tekadii and @Ejemai

The hub was closed for the new year Celebration and has since resumed with @Pangoli and @Agbona holding the fort.

From the Hub today 4th January 2018.

STACH is a physical Accelerator Hub dedicated to decentralizing the offline by breaking the barriers to accessing the internet like light, internet and conducive working space.
You can support this work by delegating Steem Power to @stach to enable us reward these users for using their 'gift'.

Steem Accelerator Hub... decentralizing the offline!
STACH is supported by @Sndbox as a Sndcastle project.Stc.JPG


Nice, it seems that you guy is a team? I want to form a team and play on steemit in the future too...

Very cool!

Let love lead.

gud morning


We are proud of you.

Great job guys. I was just thinking this morning about how some of the things we take for granted every day in my neck of the world (light, power, conducive working space) are considered a luxury elsewhere.

What's the plan for 2018?

well done its great job

Hey dude, I want to know how to accelerate my steemit account properly


Go to faq section thoroughly . you find you answer

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You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work! Great post!

Also, you've got great personalities! I'd be willing to bet you guys are fun to just hang out with! Maybe smoke some bud if you're into it! Haha! It just became legal here recreationally in Cali so we're burning it up!

That's just amazing!!! Richness doesn't necessary have to be monetary but from the heart of yours that can be share or applied to others.

Fellin the energy! Feelin the Love! Steemit needs more people like you guy :)

This is for real! Steemit changing life,bringing people together.

this is really great , i mean getting to see a steemain like @Destinysaid, its a good thing fo the community at least we get to see face-to-face.

although i see most steemains around me , i still need to see more.

hope y'all had a great time

Trying to locate the hub.
In portharcourt?

Hi @masterpiz, its at 108 NTA Apara Link road.

Thanks alot

Excellent work guys. Keep it up.....

@stach,please where is the hub location in port harcourt ?
So i can spread the word

Stunning work guys! Do you have a donation link via a crypto like an ETH/LTC/etc address?

Hi, yes we do.

nice job guys

You guys keep pushing the limit, making all of us here realize that there is really no boundary. Kudos

You guys are just too much, keep the inflaming spirit burning.

Lool... U guys obviously had fun... Wasn't aware the @stach is based in port harcourt. Good to know though... U try ...thumbs up 😂 @francistagbo

STACH is in Port Harcourt on 108 NTA Apara link road, off NTA Road, Port Harcourt


I really support this


Hey brother, what are you doing very well?

So So Proud of guys please @stach how do i join this accelerator hub,am still new in steemit

i am new to steemit upvote my posts dear friend.

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Its always nice to be around this awesome group (my adopted family). We sure had fun!

Yes it was fun. Hope you had a great New Year celebration?

I sure did.

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Awesome work, in 2018 live wins for once!


Good job friend.. you are a dilligent people..

Wow, that was one of the most fun days at the hub, theres so much love in @stach and on steemit in general and im just so happy to be a part of all this. Big shout out to @destinysaid and @ejemai, you guys are the real MVPs. None of this would have been possible without you guys.

You folks are magnificent! Keep doing awesome! Awesome post!

I would love to know more about this steem accelerator and if there is anyone in uyo?

Great job boss!!@Stach ... and thanks for thinking about the Uyo Community more grease to your elbow!

Great post and works here by #stach. you guys made me know about @steemit last month when @Ejemai and @tujukaka visited Uyo. Please I like to learn more so I don't mind if you hook me up with the hub's location here in Uyo. Thanks

Amazing accomplishment. Keep up the good work guys!


I want to be part of your steem accelerator hub if possible. How can I be part of you? . Thanks.

Informative post.thanks for updates

Woo enjoyment was good there

Wow, nice job guys, AM PROUD, more steem..

Hello, i m new here plz encourage me :D

Amazing works dudes, keep it up!

Nice one guys... Really happy to see this and know that we are growing..... God Bless Our Ten Fingers. 🙌🙌

good job,,,,

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salam kenal master, posting a very extraordinary, very interesting deserve extraordinary appreciation, best regards friendship from me user aceh steem Indonesia, please give directions for us in order to manage steemit well and true

this is remarkable... I'm inspired

great job @stach. can't wait for 20th of this month for the steemit uyo hub to be launched . i sight you @ejemai

stach!! Thank you, your Post.

thank you @stach for sharing, I really like your post and I will wait for your next post, I hope you can visit my blog at @sanu thank you

Keep up the great work! Resteemed!

Keep up the great work. The steemit community appreciates

Nice job guys. Is there something like this in Lagos?

Hello sir Upvote me... plz plz...

great team up

sounds interesting

$​ေတြအမ်ာႀကီးၾကတယ္​ ဘယ္​လိုလုပ္​ၾကတာ​ေဝ့ 😃😃

You guy''s are doing excellent job, making Nigerians proud. Weldon guy's

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Hola bienvenido a esta maravillosa comunidad espero sea de mucho éxitos para ti y puedas aprender cosas nuevas te saluda tu amigo @yoelvis11

You guys are repping and keeping it real. I love the spirit.

feliz año ..@pedro lavado-steemit


very good post thanks

You are doing a wonderful thing. Keep working at it and it will empower your entire community.

Hey Guys Love what you are doing, keep it up much LOVE..

I think this is so great! Wish you best of luck and success in your endeavors.

You guys r really doing very good work. Keep on making us proud

@stach. You're doing a great job which is really inspiring.
I look forward to meeting you someday.
Good luck bro.

Wow. Awesome stuff, guys.

What's the location @ port Harcourt.

Great Team efforts

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