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My name is Ayang osim, am #nigerian from cross river state to be precise. image image imageI learn about steemit some months ago thru my good friend @Samstickkz we were course mates, flat mates at a point. He was always a huge source of encouragement, but somehow I lost interest. Until I ran into him after we left school and the evidence was just Amazing and staggering. Rite now am here with @mritsnobigdeal who is also putting me thru the basics all again.
I did computer science in school now that wasn't a coincidence or just the only option left. It was a dream come true because I loved it and that was what I wanted to study. Am in deep love for the ICT World because I believe I can change the world thru it.
I love FOOTBALL, but rather play basketball because i love how Kobe Bryant makes it look like he invented the game.
Am a Chelsea support whom I fell in love with because of DIDIER DROGBA.
At my spare time am a gamer, an ICT freak.
A good swimmer I almost don't wanna go out when inside a pool.
A great cook which has made me a professional Caterer..
Above all a LOVER OF ICT

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Welcome to Steemit :)


Thanks love

Welcome to the family @slamkobe

You're now a Steemian!

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Welcome to steemit finally.


Thanks homie

Welcome to Steemit bro


Thanks boss

Welcome to the Steem-osphere Brother. Cheers.

Welcome at last to steemit @slamkobe.
My main G.
Funny how things happen.
I actually got to know about steemit from your tweet with @samstickkz around August last year, and i caught the steemit bug immediately.

I'm really happy to see you here bro.
At least we can sell steemit to our fellow fedy guys.

Welcome to steemit bro


Ooo ooo my God!!! Denis????? Jess 😎😎 am dam happy man I need the love homie


I'm really excited to see you here bro.

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Welcome @slamkobe

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Welcome to steemit... Keep the steeming spirit burning


Thanks dearie

Welcome to steemit. Always put up quality engage the community


Ok sure sir thanks

Welcome to steemit, Osim

You're welcome to steemit @slamkobe. You would love it here!

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Ozimba welcome

Ozimba, welcome bro