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The Fight of The King and The Little kings

When Their Enmity Become Blessing To The Masses........the story of the little kings and their many stories.


Until they turned the game of loyalty to motherland into that of lip service and service to their godfather, they were good at their work and could deliver to the cheering of the citizens. But like Esau, they have long sold their lives for greed and now even when they are working, we no longer have confidence in their deliveries.

Their unifying factor used to be the king. The King used to be very corrupt from throne to throne. Once you play with the king, your sins are part of the law of the land. No one cross boundaries with the king because he runs the apparatus. When small king #AtikuA crossed paths with king #Obj, hell visited #AtikuA's camp; he is yet to recover from it. But not until then, the innocent citizens never knew how corrupt they both were. Their fight gave them freedom to expose each other. We were surprised.

How did our current king got into war with his little little kings? There is much to explain about that........ But the days of reckoning are here. The king said he is not corrupt and wants to end the game.... This is not going through well with the hustling little kings. Fire on the Mountain.

Political thuggery is not new...... One of the local kings recently said in a passing that while he was with the other party, they used to kill during elections. The other time another former small king said they usually rig elections. They did all these with their empowered Thugs.

Having political Thugs never used to be a sin. The Police as a matter of fact have played a systemic organized thugs for individual with fat pockets and they see it as everybody's game.

Equipping these thugs with weapons are part of the game. You see, politics here used to be and even is still seen as a war. And you know nobody goes to wall with a Pen and Paper. Weapons are needed. These things are not new. But when the King and the little kings fight, everybody become professional and works are done properly and citizens will then start doubting simply because we are not used to the kingdom doing great things or doing anything right.

When elections are gradually taking normal Civil shape and processes becoming less expensive and all and all... We are witnessing the adverse effects of raising political thuggery. Politicians are needing less of these thugs to win elections but people are becoming more aware and the thugs are getting broke; the "good boys" have to keep life going, but they know only one way to live, killing and maiming. You see what they have done to us?

In their fight is our freedom.

The question now is not whether the Offa robbers are owned by someone or not. The truth here is how our kings and queens and small small kings and queens have built up empires meant to destroy us. Here we are.

The little kings can denial involvement in bank robbery but the small kings can't denial the empowerment of the political thugs turned robbers. This is their game and they all play it including the Big King.

May the kings in all their categories continue fighting until the total freedom of the people is achieved. In their unity is our division and weakness.

All hail little king IG; your own day of reckoning will come. All hail the Kingdom king, this new game is shaking many tables.


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