There is a process you must go through

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Athletes don't win gold on the day of the competition, but before the competition.

Every finished product that you'll ever come across passed through a process to arrive at the state that you're seeing it. Whenever you come across Mr. Shiny and valuable gold, ask him what it passed through before arriving at its present shiny and valuable state. You will be surprise to discover that it actually went through fire and a lot of unpleasant processes before arriving at such glorious state.

Anything valuable and worth celebrating in life always has processes that would be passed through in order to attain it. Nothing good comes easy. If you can't go through the process or are not willing to go through the process, then you're not yet ready for what you desire.

Every successful man/woman that you see today passed through processes to become what they are. But any time we come across such successful people, we only see the finished product that they have become and wish to become such finished product without knowing that such finished product that we are now wishing to become wasn't always that way - it probably went through a vigorous process to become what it is today.

If you must achieve anything worthwhile, you must be prepared for the process involve. There can be no gold without fire, likewise nothing good comes out of nothing. So if you must get the desire that you seek, find out what is required in order to get it and make up your mind to go all out for it until you manifest it.
See you at the top!


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