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First, it was a thought then it became a reality, what I always dreamt about has become my today's experience. I was excited and was of course grateful; but then it happened again and again, and I realised it was no coincidence, it was a principle. My imaginations, create my reality. I realised I could create the life I want to live and create the world I want to live in. I realised, I could play God.

Everything looked up side down, my whole world looked like a chaotic mass, it was dark! But isn't that just like the earth in the beginning? Void, dark, chaotic. But since I could play God, my mind hovered on the situation of my life, brooding on what I would love it to be, I thought of it hard, I imagined it till it consumed me, and then when I was full, I couldn't help but speak to my chaotic and dark world, 'Let there be light', and guess what? There was Light and it was good. My life gradually took shape like I had in my head. I realised I am the Architect of my life. Listen! Wake up! You are the architect of your life You are responsible for what you finally become in this life.

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You know sometimes life could hit you so hard,you loose balance, the worst could even be that you loose the courage to fight. But don't die a coward. Its better to die fighting,better to die trying than to die a coward. You have one life to live, live it to the full.

Good morning!

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