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I hear a lot of people talk about self crush and self love. I'm personally indifferent about the term,but I think for self crush to have value, it should be self love that drives you to self development.

If you never do anything different and extra from what you are doing right now, truth is, all you are and have now, is all you will be and have; or even worse.

I'm a strong believer of the phenomenon that nobody was born for nothing, and nobody was born to be small. Life is a choice,you choose the quality of life, you want to live.

We are born with specific destinies and purposes, yet we can be anything we choose to be. This is remarkable!

You do not deserve to be poor in this life. You are too beautiful to be broke and beggerly. You do not deserve to want and not have; to desire and not get, to have failed expectations and live at the mercy of another. No you don't! You love yourself way too much to be victimized by life's circumstances.Let this love drive you to do something about you, upgrade you, become a better you

Get crazy about self development. There is a you, in you that nobody has seen, but that unseen you is the one to make you a success.

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Get a workable plan on how to improve yourself,and keep at it

Think of our technologies today, see how much improvements we have made, how much upgrade. You have a latest version, and it's inside you. As you upgrade further, your present self will give way to your new self and higher version.



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