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We will never know what quality of life we would have lived, or the extent of greatness we could have accomplished except we push through our limits.

Man is elastic and so are his limits. But true potentials are only discovered at the edges of our limits.

One will never know what is possible or what could have been except he pushes himself beyond his breaking point.

Records are meant to be broken and new records set, limits are meant to be exceeded, you could be more,you could accomplish more but definitely not from your comfort zone.

Not all who have an admirable public life would be admired if there private lives were know. Sometimes to achieve greatness, the processes are not admirable, they are not sweet, but they are the price that must be paid to get the applause of the crowd when we get out there.


Mohammed Ali said and I quote "I hated everyday of training"

But he trained daily and became no 1.

Every now and then, we must stop and review our lives, review our accomplishments, look through our goals.Its not enough to be EXCEITED that we accomplished some things.Did you achieve your goal?

Life has no duplicates like they say and you would only walk this earth once. You would only walk this path once, why live through it only to discover in the after life, that you could have been more than you were.

If it were possible to be anything and do anything, what will you be, and what will you do?

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Why play safe and turn out small, when you could take the risk and live your best life?

I'm convinced that a life of mediocrity is a slap on the face of the creator.

Quit holding back and push yourself to be your best self. Don't try to be someone else. Push yourself to become the best of you, become the best version of you that you could ever be. Let the world sing your praises, let the world stand in applause, and in awe of you as you display the beauty of what lies inside of you

If it were possible that you could be rich in this life, don't turn out poor, if it were possible that you could ever be influential,dont turn out a no voice, a nobody. Don't live small

When you make the choice to live your best life, to push to your limits, what you require next is Dedication.

Success is not a destination, it's a lifestyle. Greatness is not a destination. It's a way of living. Excellence is a habit.


whatever part of life you've decided to build, you must choose to be your best and give it the dedication it deserves.

It doesn't matter what else I say in this article, it all balls down to you. Make up your mind for the great life. Don't be small.

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I admire @ejemai, because from his words I can tell, he has chosen the way of greatness and is dedicated to it. How about you?