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The human health is a vital discuss every human should not by any means neglect. It has come to be known that in as much as issues concerning our healths are vital, it wont be out of place to also point out that alot of humans do take their healths for granted.

It is even more amazing how herbs are bluntly neglected by our growing population. Youths not regarding, dont buy the ideas of using locally produced plants as medicine. Hence they jump at every drug sold at the counter (i am not saying those drugs are bad. No). My point here is to draw back home the minds and cravings of those who do not APPRECIATE mother nature. Yeah. I had to use the word appreciate because we owe her (mother nature) that. Alot!

Well, i would love to enlighten us on simply and less expensive means we could cure common infections without having to bother our precious heads. Yeah!

Lets go with GINGER! Ginger. It sounds familiar and common right?
Yeah i know it does. How many of us are aware of the healing properties of ginger to the simple- especially the female folks?
Quite a handful of us do. But very few do know how to combine ginger and garlic. Yeah GARLIC to get the resulting benefits of curing infections!


I can recall the very first time i set my eyes on this plant. I fell straight inlove with it until i had to take a taste from it. I threw up all that was left in me that day. Coupled with its pungent smell, i almost gave up.
It smells aweful i know. But if only you would tightly close your nosetrills and let this wonder plant (i call it wonder plant) perform its magic on you, then you would love it for the rest of your life.
Garlic is one of the medically recommended plants that they can be. As a matter of fact, i need not gossip to you that most of the drugs we buy in drug stores have GARLIC as its contents. Yeah! I just leaked that secret. As a matter of fact, if pharmacists and other drugs controlling bodies had their ways, they would monopolize this plant.

This brings me to the third item i would be letting you in on our infection therapy. CLOVES. Yeah! This is yet another wonder that mother nature has bestowed us with. This plant is not very well known among those in other regions except in the NORTHERN part of Nigeria. download (5).jpg

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I am very sure questions would be on the lips of many to ask me. Chill let me answer the very first one i know you would ask.

WHERE CAN I GET THIS? I knew that. Well, clove is easy to come by and affordable also. Cloves can be gotten from Muslims who deal on herbals or from those market women who trade on ZOBO leafs. Just ask them of cloves, and you have it.

This takes me right into the business of the day.


I have made mention of three plants and would want you to be attentive on this.

SIMPLE METHOD: Grate ginger, mix in a bowl and add your cloves to the ginger. Pour in two glasses of water and save in a bottle for three days to ferment. Take this first thing in the morning and last thing and night for two weeks. Make sure you stay for at least an hour after taking this mixture before eating breakfast. There you will see the magic yourselves.

I know you guys are worried why i didnt include garlic in this mixture right? Well, i didnt do so because CLOVE AND GARLIC are very powerful, hence not advised to be taken together.

Still wondering why i brought up GARLIC in here right?

Well, i brought garlic into this bacause of my darline sisters. Yeah! All ye ladies reading this are my sisters, so i am doing this for you girls.

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First, i would love you to take a close look at that picture above👆. Thats a perfect example of my purpose of garlic in this.

Most ladies suffer from sever itching anf bittings which is obviously a sign of YEAST INFECTION etc. Now, to get a perfect result from the treatment of infection. It is advisable for the ladies to buy a new niddle. Pass a rope through it( as though you want to stitch a clothe). When that is neatly done. Lest i forget, make sure you peel the outter rough layer off. Use a knife the create wounds on the garlic. Then you carefully lay on your bed.

Cut out the niddle. From the pointed part of the garlic, pass in into you vagina. While you leave the rope hanging between your thighs so you can pull it out when necessary.

I must advise you do this insertion at night so you would just sleep off with it. Carefully pull out the rope in the morning as the garlic comes along.

Mind you, you will feel itching sensation when you do this insertion. Nothing to worry about as it shows the garlic is working!

I hope i have added to someone's knowledge?

I wish to do more

I am at your service!



But won't passing in a foriegn object like garlic cause infection too? Remember cloves and bulbs are very suitable for fungal growth.#justsaying

No... You have to wash it with clean water

very interesting method of insertion. I do like to eat garlic from time to time with honey or take a bite of it along with food! you get my upvote!

very good suggestion for the problem of itching. Thanks for the helth related post.

The pleasure is mine

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I acknowledge you boss

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Let’s me honest - I don’t want garlic anywhere near my wife’s HooHa

But as a Nurse- I’ll say that all those remedies are on point. :)

Funny you

I have not heard it the HOOHA way before. Nice one

But its not harmful in anyways.

I know I’m just kidding!! And that’s actually the word my wife always says haha

i eat garlic too, knowing that it boosts sperm count and helps one last longer in bed. i think i'll try your recipe, thanks for the info.

Very interesting - and detailed. Do you know that many instructions include the smallest details so no one following along becomes ill? Point being: You must discard the clove of garlic after use. (obvious to most of course) but then again... I have a weird sense of humor.

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