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I am sorry
I am so so sorry
I am sorry that I took your brother
I know it's hard to live without him

I am sorry your mother isn't here to see you prosper
I know you think me a grievous and terrible thing
I am what I am I cannot and would not change
I am the grim reaper the keeper of the veil

It is pointless to shed tears for the aged for I will yet take them
It is needless to cry for the near dead for I shall have them
I do not take holidays like you do
I am neither good nor bad to you

Its not a question whether I'll come or not
It is indeed foolish to contemplate such
Life and I had an agreement eons ago
And as soon as I come he must go

Life is treacherous but I know not how to play tricks
Life may discriminate but that's not how I think
So whether you live right or wrong it matters not
For I will surely come when your time is up

Thanking God for the gift of life, He that has made me live to today and even see the end of today, may his name be
Thanks for reading my blog, God bless you

Thanks for reading my blog, I am @oladayoamusan


Well, we all will work that part someday and no one knows when he's or her day will come.

@Oladayoamusan, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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Now I am scared
This poem is nice but scary

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