Tips to be happy.

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Dear community of @steemit, it is possible that in our life and according to what happens around us we ask ourselves, how can we be happy? There are experts who give us some tips that I want to share with you:

Forget the past.

Live the current moment! At the risk of being saturated by this concept, it is nevertheless a more than precious advice. We can not change the past, often peppered with unfortunate events that we regret. The rumination of these thoughts prevents us from living in a serene and positive way.

As for the future, we do not know anything about it and we can not guarantee it. Living fully in the present moment by fulfilling all the associated tasks allows us to appreciate the life and riches that it offers us.

Believe in yourself.

It is not easy to stop seeking the approval of others and trust in your own convictions. We want to satisfy everyone, for a need of love and for fear of rejection. Self-confidence requires patience and self-indulgence, but when it is achieved, it becomes an invaluable force to face life in a positive way.

Appreciate what life offers us.

Nothing is perfect, we all know it. It is beneficial to learn to enjoy every moment, to savor every moment. People who have gone through difficulties opt for this fresh aspect of life. When we fear losing everything, the details become important. If we are rarely sick, if our relationships with our loved ones are harmonious and if our work satisfies us, we are privileged.


Learning to forgive is an act that frees us from the negative feelings that can contaminate our lives. Of course, it is not about approving the crime, but about understanding it. All the energy spent in nurturing our resentment towards those who have hurt us is a poison to the soul. To forgive is to realize that we are all human beings.

Exploit your talents.

The well-balanced ambition to succeed is extremely positive because the sense of achievement is truly satisfying. Taking advantage of our talents to create becomes a gift for ourselves, a gift that we can share with others.

Help others while they are being preserved.

It is very rewarding to listen to others, to offer support and empathy. However, it is essential to protect against the aggression and negativity of the person in danger. If we become the receptacle for the negative emotions and frustrations of others, we run the risk of carrying this heaviness in ourselves. This is often the case of professionals in care who are exposed to this type of situation. If they are not preserved, they will eventually face depression. You have to learn to be empathetic and attentive while understanding that others' problems belong to them and that it is up to them to deal with them.

Bring a positive look to others.

We can always improve our relationships with those around us, with our family and friends, accepting them as they are and enjoying their qualities instead of concentrating on them.


When we were children, all opportunities were good for laughing. Adult life and its great amount of stress today prevent us from laughing and even sometimes smiling. Several studies show the beneficial effects of laughter to scare away negative thoughts and counteract the consequences of stress. Unlike the anxiety that accelerates the heart rate, laughter causes more respiratory exchanges that facilitate a better oxygenation of the blood. When we are stressed, our muscles are tense. Laughter causes muscle relaxation at the level of the body as a whole.


Give without telling, offer your time, attention or affection makes you feel good. Helping others without waiting for the return, without calculating it, doing it for free with the feeling of having fulfilled provides intense satisfaction. Many volunteers say they are happy to bring some happiness to others for the sheer pleasure of helping others.

Being positive and living happily is also a matter of attitude. Our brain allows us to better evaluate events and, in general, gives us the tools to take advantage of all situations. It only remains to unite all these elements to fully enjoy what life gives us.

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