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RE: " When Christmas Comes Calling" short story by @dagger STACH short story contest #15

in #stach3 years ago

Hey, this was really good. I don't usually get into things like this, but I was surprised at how much you fit into this short piece. You really set the scene well and the unexpected nature of the ending really added to the depth at which it struck me. You should be proud of this.


Also, the imagery was amazing. You really put the reader there. Good work.

Thank you! I don't usually either. I've never written stories but the 199 word thing intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's tougher than you think. I wrote the story and it had like 260 words and I thought it was perfect. But, 200 words is a no go on the contest so I started slashing. I now actually think the finished product is better. Maybe 10 more words would have helped but...I didn't need the other 50. Anyway, kind of fun. Thanks for reading....