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Screenshot_2018-01-23-00-19-02.pngA man's personality emanates from his character and his character is a collection of the habit he develops which of course is a function of his attitude. In this post I will be talking about the importance of character.
In life, character matters a lot. Character is a way of life, habit is an action done on regular basis and automatically usually without awareness while attitude is the immediate reaction to a particular situation. In otherwords, when your immediate reaction to a particular issue becomes your regular and automatic action then a character has been formed.
One's attitude is greatly influenced by daily activities. For example, someone who works in an office that resumes as early as 7:00am, takes 30 mins to get ready for work, 1 hour 30 mins to get to work and must be in office sign in 15 mins before time may pick up the attitude of waking up by at least 4:45am to be able to meet up. If the person does this everyday consistently, he or she will find out that a habit of waking up early has been formed. And with time it becomes a way of life(character). Likewise if he is so lazy, wakes up late, arrive late and give silly excuses like there was a huge traffic, I not feeling well e.t.c over time maintaining this attitude, he formes a habit of going to places late which in turn becomes his way of life(character).
Attitude yields habit, habit in turn constitutes character and character tells people who you are (personality). In otherwords, having a good attitude is the first step to having an admirable personality. I had a neighbour in school who was always so grumpy. When we first got into school, she never showed a good attitude to people around her. She didn't associate with anyone, she always kept to herself, at first I thought she was being reserve and I almost admired her until after our first year in school when I noticed it had become her habit. She snobs and had issues with everybody including her room mate who of course couldn't take it anymore and had to move to be on her own. Gradually, that became the character with which everybody knew her. Those who couldn't tolerate her avoided her and those who could tolerate her did so knowing that's her personality.
It is worthy of note that your character attracts people to you. The kind of character you possess determines the kind of people that comes your way. A drug addict will always attract a drug addict, a chain smoker will always attract a chain smoker, a book warm will always attract a book warm. There was this lady who was looking to get married and her friend asked her what kind of man does she want, she said a tall , responsibile, handsome, caring , hardworking and God fearing man. The friend was so surprised giving that she knew her friend so well to be a lazy, irresponsible, club girl. How possible is it for her to have her dream man? It is never going to happen because you attract your kind. You may pretend at first to be who you are not, but pretens, beauty, handsomeness, wealth, achievements e.t.c, can only attract something to you but it is character, a function of who you are that keeps that thing. Your character can either attract favours, love, promotion, e.t.c, or can as well drive them from you. Be careful with your character because it can either make you or mar you.


So I ask you today, WHO ARE YOU? WHAT CHARACTER DO YOU POTRAY? WHO DO PEOPLE KNOW YOU TO BE? You know yourself more than any other person does, if there be any character that is not admirable in you, it is never too late for a change. Make the decision first about the new you, then start with the right attitude. It may be difficult but not impossible. Always remember this, "YOUR CHARACTER IS WHO YOU ARE". Thank you.

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