Your Ego will Cost you

in #stach6 years ago


There's a lot of closed mindedness in the world these days, divisions based on unyielding perspectives that generate an endless cycle of 'us versus them' conflicts.

Everyone wants to win, to watch their opinion beat all others, but that's entirely counterproductive.

This new way of life involving bias, tribalism and identity politics is breeding hate which in no time will hinder valuable integration.

The bug question now is How do we get out? By developing a quiet ego.

What then is a quiet ego "A quiet ego is an indication of a healthy self-esteem, one that acknowledges one’s own limitations, doesn’t need to constantly resort to defensiveness whenever the ego is threatened, and yet has a firm sense of self-worth and competence."

This sounds beautiful and also seems like the right kind of ego to pursue, doesn't it? The sooner we begin reducing the noise, the better for each of us and the world we share.

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