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Who does God call?
Those who see themselves as wise, strong and important cannot hear the call of God. If you haven't heard God's call, it is because you are wise in your own eyes; the wise in the flesh cannot hear God. This is because often times to the wise man according to the flesh, God's word which is His wisdom appears as foolishness. 2Corinthians 2:14 tells us that the things of the Spirit of God appear as foolishness to the natural man hence his inability to receive them.
God didn't call because you were better than your neighbour or because he had no choice. He called you as an act of His own will and by an election of His Grace. 2Timothy 1:9 shows this very clearly, that we weren't called because we merited it, nor because we were qualified but because God chose to. This is a humbling truth and it ought to put in us every sense of soberness in perceiving God's call.
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