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Well, Samson became ill, it stopped eating food which was very weird because Samson was a voracious eater. I used to say Samson had an eating disorder because it ate like an autistic kid, it could eat any damn thing except faeces of course. My dogs aren't savages. All of a sudden, samson stopped eating, started losing weight and the other dog- Jack became the alpha male. Jack dominated most areas of my compound with it's urine because Samson failed to meet up due to it's illness. My dad kept on taking it to the vet, samson was anemic. How do you know when a dog is anemic? By looking at the inner part of it's ears, the red mucosa becomes pale. Samson became well at last and continued it's normal overactive lifestyle.
One morning, we were going out. We saw Samson lying down close to the grass. My kid sis called out to Samson because normally it would be the firsf to greet us in the morning. But Samson didn't move, we ran up to that spot and discovered a lifeless and stiff body.
We wailed!!!
We cried our eyes out.
Mum wasnt around because she travelled and dad warned us not to say a word to mum till she came back.
That night I twisted and turned. If someone told me I could get all emotional over a dog, I would have protested in disbelief.
But here I was crying like a teen who just had her heart broken for the first time.
I couldn't sleep at all, I was in pains, my throat hurt. So our beloved Samson was gone. Who would bark when strangers come knocking, who would tell us when the water tank had filled when we were pumping water. No more big black mighty Samson. The death of a dog is a really terrible experience. That night was a really tough night for me
My house was very quiet, my dad was quiet, my three remaining dogs were quiet too.. It was a gloomy period for everybody. Then mama finally came back. Big strong superhuman mother, couldn't believe she could shed a tear because she was always the
strongest, always tough! That was the first time in years I had seen my mum cry. The last time she cried was when grandmum passed away, since then her eyes are as dry as the Sahara.
Mum was actually crying

[2018-05-03 09.53.50.jpg

There's more to come @hokpulor


You are getting better at this man. Great writing.

Baba on 61 levels, I dey hail o ooo.

Can't wait for the remaining o

U won't need to bro. Tomorrow's by the corner

Can't wait for the remaining o

Where is the remaining lol

Eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Finale is tomorrow

Awwwwnnn...Im so sorry. I can guess how you must have felt. We had 3 dogs and 1 died quite recently. My husband cried because he is absolutely crazy about dogs....i felt pretty sad, but didn't cry...I'm not so into animals.

thanks dear

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