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Some psychological tricks and hacks that are available on the web are just plain dog shit, of the all-time worst psychological life hacks is this one: “When your alarm clock rings in the morning, greet it by shouting out loud ‘YEAH’ and pumping your fist.” This kind of advice is just ludicrous.

Head Aka the Big Walnut is where your 100 billion neurons lives and it’s extremely complex.

Here are some well researched psychological tricks and hacks :

1)The Benjamin Franklin Effect :( Extremely Useful) The Benjamin Franklin Effect is the result of your concept of self coming under attack. The concept is simple: Ask a person to do a favor for you and in return, you’ll find they’ll like you even more than they would if you had done a favor for them.
2)The Chameleon Effect : Also known as unintentional mirroring.The Chameleon Effect usually applies to people who are getting along so well, each tend to mimic each other's body posture, hand gestures, speaking accents, among others.

The perfect description of the chameleon effect is the cliché saying:

"Imitation is the best form of flattery."

3)Misattribution of Arousal Effect : If you’re going on a date, make sure that it involves some adrenaline. You don’t necessarily have to go for a roller coaster ride, but a horror film, rock climbing, paintball or rafting will do just fine.

The misattribution of arousal is interesting when it comes to relationship building. That candlelit dinner might not work as well as an exciting adventure, a trip to the gym, a double espresso at the coffee shop or even a scary movie. Your date’s aroused state will be projected onto you.

4)Think of Superman or wonder woman pose effect :A pose when the chest is up, the body is upright so that the body communicates confidence and being grounded. Research shows that taking on a power pose for just 2 minutes boosts your perceived confidence. Not only that - others see you more confidence as well. It literally makes you feel and seem more confident. Pretty remarkable, yes? And the interesting thing is that not only we FEEL more confident but also physiologically we become more confident.


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