...and Tupac spoke again.

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Since I joined steemit I became more aware of my environment and happenings around for reasons I can't place my hands on right now, but I feel it is majorly down to the fact that I love to write about life and stuffs that someone can rmeasily relate to at almost anytime.

why is he telling me all this?

Well, ordinarily I would have listened to what I listened to last night and let it slide.

Get high at the moment with the information and forget not when the info sinks in.

I was surfing the net as usual when. I bumped into this video...guess who was the first I saw?
Tupac, 2Pac, Makavelli

What comes to mind when you hear about that guy?

To me I smile first because he bring happiness to my inner mind, I just love him.

So much so that I actually saw the movie produced by P.Diddy called Notoriuos BIG or so.
The part I enjoyed most was the part that had 2pac in it.
Don't get me wrong not because others where not good but his personality got me real good.

So finally about the video.
That guy was a revolitionalist in every respect, his thoughts, his words and his art all pointed towards that.

I bet it is quite obvious am obsessed with his art and person.

So I drew closer to my phone and raised the volume to the highest so I can hear this great man talk.

He addressed the fact that people have so much money and are comfortable that others are living in penury.
Trust he mentioned names.
Understandably so he called out Micheal Jackson and talked about the fact that some of these guys have millions and sometimes billions and instead of making it go round they just hoard it and let others scramble for theirs.
He also was like * He understands you earned it and all that stuff but do you know some of these guys don't got it not because they don't deserve to or have not put in that much work but simply because you just had not first.*
The humane thing to do is let them feel you have it.

Those are not my words though and mind you I did not quote him word for word...but just a few of the message I got.

You can't sometimes comprehend all that is said.

The reason I chose to bring this up is simple and quite evident around STEEMIT community.

Those who have made it big just feel you are not big because you don't try or because you have not contributed to the platform and sometime because your contents are wack and all that stuff...

Mind you am not making a case for myself or anyone else for that matter am just saying more can be done to make these minnows feel welcomed and this platform is ready to host them and make them feel comfortable .

Am relatively sure even the most dedicated of preachers would he dampened if what he does are not respected and appreciated.

So just like my Gee Pac has said, don't get comfortable because you have made it big on steemit and begin to look down on people one decide not to help and the funny thing about steemit is that you don't loose much by helping others, you gain most of the time.

Like Jay Z once said...

Its our job to push the conversation further because
Until we are all free no one is really free

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