Stach Short Story Contest ( Haunted Trail)

in stach •  2 years ago 

This is my entry for the short story contest organized by @stach
Photo Source : pixabay
I woke up to the sound of creepy birds chirping loudly across the window, I had told my roommate that I have a terrible suspicion about this room but she kept saying I worry over little things too much.
Maria and I are corp members that just packed into a room after series of fruitless search for an apartment, I noticed the way the landlady smiled mischievously when we handed her the rent, she hastily grabbed it and said to us " you will surely enjoy it here" but Maria won't just observe anything.
"Wake up!" I shook Maria heavily, she sprang out of the bed and asked what could be the problem. I mellowed on her to keep quiet while we tiptoed to the window "seems I heard a sound here" I whispered gently. Maria gave me the disdain look and made to return to bed. Just then, a hand made a trail of blood on the wall and we all screamed and ran out into the dark. Rumours had it that the room has been haunted by the landlady's late daughter since she was neglected by her mother and left to die in pains in there.

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