Watch Videos and Photos from day 2 of the Steemit Heritage Campaign, held at the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park 14th and 15th October 2017

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Hello everyone. The Steemit Heritage Campaign which held for 2 days, 14th and 15th October has ended and we recorded quite a huge success. This article will come in 2 parts, one here and the other you can find on @stach account

Some pictures of the Park

Getting to work. @pangoli

@kingst got clowned up.

@samiwhyte and @pangoli walking the talk.
@osigbhemeh registering a new user

The amazing team. @kingst @osigbhemeh @samiwhyte @pangoli @klasic

Overall, we had an amazing outing and we will be posting the results of this campaign in the coming days as the new users are onboarded.

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Amazing and beautiful photos and videos!

Thank you.

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Wow..i think it was fun to be there..very nice place indeed!

It was fun to talk to people about Steemit and they loved it.

If people really looking for change they will understand how steemit is?they would love it 101% sure! :)

Hello @ejemai boss

You are an inspiration of no small magnitude. A path finder. More greese to your elbow sir. Keep seeming. U bi da bomb!


Thanks @eurogee, you are an inspiration too yourself.

This is just so amazing. I can imagine the fun and how people would respond. Something i admire in you @ejemai, is your dedication and hardwork. Many given this opportunity with same resources will not be able to do what you are doing, because i can relate with the stress that comes with this. Great job and kudos to your team.

Thanks Cee, you always know how to give us some quality support.

Wow..i think it was fun to be there..very nice place indeed!

It can only be @ejemai on Steemit portharcourt first son

Thanks bro, na you be Port Harcourt first son o.


Wow! You guys had fun, wonderful photos and video. Nice one boss

We sure did. Thanks.

I really love what you are doing. I cant but say this is a landmark. Now the picture were not boring unlike the last one with only I will support with my upvote. Cheers bro.

Lol, so we guys were boring abi? No Wahala, will do well to make sure we have more ladeis in these campaigns. Thanks for the support.

Very nice completion of post! @ejemai

You guys are really doing a great job. I have a question, Is STACH only for Steemians in the garden city?Great post

Hello @blessedman939. STACH is for Nigerians and not for the garden city alone. If you have a need to have a STACH in your city, hit me up on Discord of Steem chat @ejemai.

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