The other side of you

in stach •  4 months ago

[image source: pixabay CC0 licensed]

A Writer am not, but a Writer I want to be
A poet I've tried to be, but nature didn't inspire me with the talent.
I asked myself what's to do?
This song I must sing
This moment I must capture
And this feelings I must put to words
I thought and was still thinking
When it hits me, just like a dynamite
The other side of you
I ask myself, where else could I find an inspiration as inspiring as you
Just the other day you show me the other side of you
A side of which I knew not exist
A prank you said you trying to play
But an inspiration you gave to me
How much I've longed to pick up my pen and write
Not just to write but to write with feelings and meanings
But each day, I waited unending for nature to bestowed and inspired me
But the Muses seems to have taken leave of me
Then you came around With this other side of you
Which happens to be the key to my locked up talent
How ironical life can be, hoping and gasping For something so very near
Yet not knowing the key that fit lock
Is quite within reach
I love this other side of you
For it discloses me
Faraway from Good you are
And best doesn't come close to describing you
A heart of gold people say you have
But isn't that an understatement?
I still remember the very first time we met
Too shy we were to even say much
Funny it was to think back to that time
They say true friendship is rare
An adage that I believe to be true
I am so lucky to have met you
Our bound is extremely special
And unique in its own way
Something irreplaceable I want to believe we share
We have been through so much together
In so little time we've shared
But am glad we've laughed more than we've been sober
I will never forget all the moments
You've shown how much you cared
Your fun-filled personality I love
And somehow you never failed to impress
just as you never failed to annoy (me)
The world could use more people like you
and it would certainly be a better place
Our story will continue to grow
With each passing day
Because I trust you

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