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We get angry, sad, and even devastated when things do not go our way. We plan and hope the result is as we have planned. But a lot of the time, things do not go the way we planned them, they go the way it was not planned by us.

Since we are afraid and unsure how the new path might end, we increasingly become afraid and our fear leads to anger, sadness, and devastation. But one of the best lessons in life is that we make do with what we have, not what we wished we had. It is important that we can live through life only with what we have, not what we wish we had.

When you are able to live through life with what you have, nothing matters too much. The belief that the best outcome would present itself, in the end, should be the mantra we all live with every day. That even though we do not know the what the outcome would be, we are confident that the outcome would be a great one.

To believe that the outcome would be a great one is not only about wishing it would be better but about hoping and believing that everything would be better. To be able to have a strong hope, you would need to have great faith in something beyond yourself. In something more powerful than what we can see and feel.

That even if my plans do not go according to my thoughts, it is going according to the plans of a higher being and a higher purpose. To believe that God is in control should be our watchword. That nothing happens without God’s knowledge should give us enough comfort that everything happens according to a plan.

Others might be getting it and achieving all that you are currently toiling for. Why is it so easy for others to get it while you are still struggling to get it? This is an honest question to ask, but the answer is that what would happen if we all had the same path. The world would not be as fun as it is.

Everyone running on their own time and destination is the beauty of life. That even though we are all interconnected, everyone has a different life timer to work with.

So seek today that God’s plan is what is favored in your life and not even your plan. Because God is the best of planners and even when the plan does not make sense to you, have faith and give in that everything would be alright in the end.


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