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Stress could be the order of the day especially for those of us engaged in one thing or the other,it could be studies, family,work etc

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It's quite inevitable,once in awhile we all get to deal with the hit.

But then how do you manage stress,I will just outline few ways that has worked for me.

  • PROPER PLANNING : I believe that a proper planning of your daily schedules could help you not bombard yourself with so much activities.

Try to know the days that seems like you have alot and those days that are a bit free,try to split up the responsibilities,you can't kill yourself in one day.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Try to take care of your responsibilities on time,if you know that you have alot to do in a day,don't waste your morning hours,I have come to realize that when you get busy during the morning hours there is a great chance of having a fulfilling day.
  • REST AND SLEEP: Always try to get enough sleep,sometimes during the day you can rest,even if you are not asleep,lie down and just be quiet,getting adequate rest would help in maintaining your health.

  • AVOID ALCOHOL: Rather than taking so much alcohol,you can take some relaxing drinks,you can make some smoothie,chill in your refrigerator and have fun relaxing.

  • MAKE YOUR ROUTINE A HOBBY: An easy way not to really feel the stress of what you do is to enjoy what you are doing, whatever you are happy doing might never be too stressful on you because you might want to keep on with it.

  • REGULAR EXERCISE: Once in a while try to exercise your muscles,it mustnt be a strenuous one,you can try simple, helpful tips at home to maintain your body.

I hope this was helpful,feel free to add your own tips. Thanks alot

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