The Beautifull Haunted Trail

in stach •  last year


It was a familiar walk through the countryside, where there were beautiful landscapes formed by lakes, flowers and a beautiful inn where they will surely stay. The place seemed calm and there was a lot of peace, therefore, the family will enjoys it. Children will start playing, tell their dads than they will go around to see the place, they happy ones and enchanted by the beautiful trail that they had just found and they saw a beautiful house at the end and tell: It's an inn, let's go in! Surprise for them, there was nobody in the place, when suddenly all the doors and windows closed with them inside, trying to escape, they felt very afraid for not being able to leave the place, until one of the brothers in hole went to give, he call others to escape, run fast to tell their parent that happened in that place, the owner of the inn where he stayed, he heard and laughed incessantly, saying to the parents than this is the only inn that exists in the place, but every children imagine terrible story this of that beautiful trail that they have to visit.
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