After a long break from Steemit; I am back and this is what I have learnt so far.

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So after I was introduced to steemit by @pasaift (He is a good fellow and loyal, I went on posting articles non stop for a straight one month. Guess what happened next? I broke down both in success habits and in other areas of my life.
Could I have prevented the break down? Of course yes, that's if I had seen it coming.

After the break down of course, I was getting ready to soar up again, just like the old saying goes, "it's not how hard we fall but how hard we bounce back", I began to look at the course of my breakdown and lessons that I have learnt from it. I came to realization that if I want to stay on top of my game without burning out, I must take adhere to the following.

Becareful of Excess Adrenalin Rush that comes in form of Motivation
I admire people who have a strong Will power, when you work with excess motivation, you get to burn out; the adrenaline rush blinds you from striking a balance. The funniest thing about this adrenaline rush is that when it disappears, you will have less push to keep up with your schedule.

Take Short Breaks and Reward
Just like taking a 15mins to 30mins Nap, can help you regain some energy and prevent stress from kicking in, taking breaks and rewards can as well help you stay burnout free.

Develop Self Will
It's very hard to develop this, but once you have kicked start the engine, you do enjoy a smooth ride. Self Will can be developed by gradual practice and persistence. It's not a day job.

Irrespective of the above written lessons I have learnt, there are a whole lot of other ones that I couldn't just put down in writing.

I have come to realize that while slow and steady wins the Battle, Fast ,Consistency and short breaks wins the war

I am back!

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