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Just like the nomadic, grandpa lived freely, he had a free-spirited soul and the mindset of a warrior. He offered no apologies for his wild heart and exploits. Grandpa left the normal and usual to explore and dug beyond the outskirts of magical, mystical and extraordinary world. In all his achievement, he was a great philanthropist and gave freely without any expectation for returns.
He would constantly quote the words of ‘Hubbard Davis’ saying “to be born free is an accident: to live free a responsibility; to die free is an obligation” when he sees anyone living a fake or false lifestyle. He would always say to the depressed “you hold the key to happiness; it’s your choice to open the door”. He tells the worried, “keep calm and be free”.
I’m hardly unhappy or depressed whenever I thought of the glorious life he lived because he lived freely. Grandpa, may your gentle soul rest in peace.

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