Stach-dsw Contest Winners ---#8

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The eighth edition of the Stach-dsw show held on Tuesday on the Stach discord channel.
I had a hectic Wednesday and Thursday, but I realized that the announcement needed to be made today. So I had to squeeze out time to post it today!!!
Tuesday was record-breaking, as we had the highest number of entries and participants ever. We also had a surprise visit from our new sponsor. I was beyond happy and proud on Tuesday, as Dsw now has a fund that is capable of rewarding all the entries that would be dropped. Even if its just a little token!!!

So we had SEVEN participants who shared their poems via voice, including me, making it Eight. Four others indicated their interest to participate but were hindered by their network so they shared only on text. We had over 18 users online--Talk about growth!!! It was an emotional time as beautiful words and love were all that was in the air, plus we had so many quitters around too.

Here are screenshots of the entries sent by text, the text doesn’t do justice to these entries. You should hear them on voice. Amazing, interesting and highly creative

I had to step up to the plate and open the show with this piece I drummed up










At the end of it all, we had a winner and it was @francistagbo with his amazing entry, it was so good I asked him to make an audio file on it, which can be found on dsound as I posted it through my blog.


Here’s a screenshot of his prize

All participants got a little token for their entry !!!

And the audience also won something too for attending

As you can see, it was really a pleasurable evening.

I would like to say a big thank you to a major sponsor who made this rewards possible, @surfyogi. Your donation is deeply appreciated.

I also want to say thank you to
@francistagbo @chireerocks @iamthegray @imbigdee @momogrow @mizdais @apeximomen @dawizy @dklef @danielotaniel @Bookoons @Pangoli @Zizymena @Itoroarchibong @Nigerian-yogagal and my co-host with a lovely voice @julietisrael.

Without you guys, there would have been no show!!!

The Stach-dsw contest holds every Tuesday at 8 pm GMT+1. You can join in as a participant or a listener, either way, you are guaranteed a wonderful time.

If you are a lover of spoken word, poetry or short stories and would like to support this contest, feel free to reach out to @winarobert via my blog or on the Stach discord server.

All Images were either taken or modified by @winarobert

Authored by @winarobert on behalf of the Stach community

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Congratulations to every winner!

@stach team, thank you so much for this encouragement and appreciation and i want to congratulate everyone whoever attended the Discord Channel and appreciated and motivated everyone.

And @surfyogi thank you so much for the special guest appearance and in my opinion your words were boosting for sure.

So, team hope and wish that more and amazing participation is waiting ahead so good luck and enjoy the day ahead.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

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