Ever present.........

in stach-dsw •  3 months ago

I look in the mirror searching for you.
Is it my eyes, my nose, my cheeky grin?
No obvious resemblance.

I look at my children searching for you.
Who has your strength, your temperament, your jovial nature?
I am not sure.

I look through my memories searching for you.
You ran to me, tilted me up, called me your daughter
the last time we met - you were 75 then.

I look through an old box searching for you.
I found a foto of you, snuggled beside grandpa.
Sitting there with your sweet smile.

I look in another box searching for you.
However now I end my search.
I realize that I will not find you.
Not anywhere - out there
but that you are here,
ever present
in my heart.

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Before I even finished reading (heartfelt and touching) I wanted to tell yo she is inside your soul in every memory. Love that lasts is not gone


@yidneth - thank you. Indeed you are correct - I never thought of it like that - that she in my soul - thank you.

Beautiful piece
Sad but beautiful!!!

Thanks for dropping by yesterday. Hope to see you next week


Thank you @winarobert - I am happy you like it. It is about a beautiful person; who knew how to be a disciplinarian when needed and also when to give love and attention.

See you next week - hope to hear u as well.

This is beautiful @momogrow.
This shows she lives on within us.
Good to know I have a friend in you. Say me well to our star player, hope to see him on TV soon.


Thank you @imbegdee - yes as @yidneth stated - she is in my soul.
I will pass on regards to my son - thank you.

Nice feelings shared ... your grandma looks so happy and definitely “cheeky” thank you for giving me the chills :)


Aww @vladivostok - thank you. she always had a smile and was happy. Just a loving person who took care of everyone - not only family.

What beautiful words. It is an honor to hear you speak so kindly of another person.


@sumatranate thank you - it is deserving. She and my grandfather had big hearts and lots of love for more than the family.

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Oh yea! I do write poets too but trust me this is one of the best I have encountered... This really stands out... Shine on girl @momogrow... #wink


Thank you @segunreus. I think there is a poet in all of us - I am discovering that - haha.