I Miss You - (My entry)

in stach-dsw •  5 months ago

First of May, a day etched in my memory forever,
The day i grieved and had a fever,
The day reality dawned on me,
that life was worthless without you!

Just like a bear with a sore head, I lay Awake at nights,
with beautiful memories of you in my heart, tears with I fight.
Knowing that you are forever gone,
A fact that I cannot erase.

Life has been very tough without you,
13 years without you was the hardest part of it, whew!
I miss your Smile, I miss your Voice, I Miss you,


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Respect @antigenx

is it entry to some contest or aniversary of your mum death? (that's how I understood this post)



Hello @crypto.piotr, how are you doing?

Its actually an entry i made for this


The anniversary was may 1st, buy my heart was too heavy to drop it.

I felt it wasnt too late to say what was in my heart. Howz the blockchain treating you buddy?