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The fast growth of cryptocurrency s one of the major important transition to be recorded in the history of mankind, its emergence is one of the best for our economy. The very road leading to this great technology called cryptocurrency has been laid for about 10 years ago when most firms became non-public by leaving exchanges. its first public capital offering unexpectedly and actually decreased. Requirements in relation to what regulators needs for the public firm have increased due to the fact that these firms in various ways have increase speeding to meet the various requirements.

The ‘HYIP’ which is in blockchain or can be said to belong to blockchain brought about a rapid growth in a number of first cryptocurrency placement (ICO) and bring about the implementation of new ideas. ICOs has made cryptocurrency currently available to its users, making it the newest asset that is popular among today’s investors globally.

Problem facing the crypto market today

There are a lot of problems facing the crypto world today, with this said investors and trades should be aware of all this problem and the risk involved in cryptocurrency. A lot of solution has been proposed but it can only be said that there is no such thing as a reserve currency or a proper solution to solve the current and the major problems.

Most investors take the risk as to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency on the various stock exchanges, giving that this exchange is not the controlled client, investors or traders are likely to lose their assets when this exchange go on bankruptcy, hacked or fraud.

Another major important concern is the recent happenings, the issue of theft, attacks on various exchanges and not forgetting the case of million-dollar stolen funds about a year ago leading to a critical level reached by stolen funds. This affects investors since they receive nothing in this case.

And not forgetting the issue of large commissions faced by all crypto investor and traders and with the payment that is overdue. Thus, it takes time even if a country accepts the use of cryptocurrency to make payment in fiat currency.


With all these issues plaguing the world of cryptocurrency, only ROCKZ can bring the best of the solution to all these problems. ROCKZ is a project trying to provide solutions to the main problems on the crypto field today. Decorated in a conventional financial instrument, today's investors thus companies and pension funds and individuals, as a result, as a result, all see this as a type of the newest asset they are trying to enter. A reserve currency, security and a point of departure are however needed for this investor in order to enter to penetrate into this crypto world.

With its stability, ROCKZ platform and cooperation allows and enables all traders, investors in cryptocurrency exchange into the token. For any ROCKZ token issued, the firm reserve a Swiss franc (CHF)
One can testify that for about 50years the Swiss franc has been stable than any other currency, this currency is protected from both depreciation and disvalue. Switzerland has been one of the most politically stable countries and could be said to be one of the reasons for the stability of its currency. This makes ROCKZ a stable platform. Generally looking at the operations of ROCKZ, it can be said that even in the case of cryptocurrency bankruptcy, investors are protected thus they won’t lose and still have access to the reserve swiss franc since ROCKZ company reserves swiss franc for their client. All this reserve are protected.

90% of Swiss franc is stored in safes or safe bunkers by the company or firm and using the remaining 10% to invest in other banks in the country. This is said to be a robust system.


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