What is Stable coin ?

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"Stable coin" is a term used in cryptocurrency which describes cryptocurrencies that hold stable values.

Or, in other words a "Stable Coin" is cryptocurrency that is pegged to another stable assets like- Gold, US Dollar or any other currencies.

Actually, its a currency that is global but it's not centralised or tied to any central bank.

Benefits of stable coin:-

• Low Voltality
• Price stability
• Scalibility
• Privacy
• Decentralised

Some coins which are stable coins in crypto market:-

Its a blockchain based asset meant to trade for $1 USD.

Example:- If you have 100 Tether or USDT then its value is equals to $100 US Dollar.

2. MakerDao
Maker is a decentralised autonomous organisation that is pegged against the US Dollar, but is completely backed by ETH. Their stable coin name is "dai" which is equals to $1 USD.

Some other stable coins are:- Havven's, Basecoin and many more.

Information Source:-
1. Forbes:-

2. Bitbns Twitter:-

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Wazirx has implemented peer to peer transaction by using USDT.

Yupp !! Great move by wazirX exchange.

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