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in previous Article we have fully explained Stable Blockchain project. In this article we will further more discuss about this great project,their benefit and about their latest Token ICO

Advantages of Stable Bchaichain Platform

Stable BlockChain is a platform where you can get several advantages .
Here, you can easily very high quality and standard based transactions. Similarly, you can reduce transfer fees on regular sending. The speed of payments with the Ecosystem will be increased. Stable BlockChain have some built in benefits of Ethereum.

Token Of Stable BlockChain :

The ICO will be available as the tokens of this platform. Within the 2 years you will be allowed to re create an ecosystem and will get the benefits to build up the ecosystem of your own. You can get the benefits on monthly basis. You can get the charges and funds as monthly profits.

Why Choose Stable Blockchain:

Stable blockchain has many advance features,benefit which we can't found it at any other project includes:

Medium of Exchange:

Stable blockchain enables the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies by traditional businesses while minimizing the risks associated with their volatility. The operation of the firm's treasury becomes much easier with an additional level of forecasting, and it is easier to move such money across borders.

Account Unit:

The machine will determine the price of a stable blockchain. Such a method can become an independent unit of account later in the world. Examples include a basket of money to have an independent amount of land or a fixed amount of a desirable subject: time, minerals, water.

Value Store:

Stable blockchain has become a long-term value store due to low levels of flexibility. In this light, a Stable blockchain provides easy and secure access to the store's most commonly used items, such as goods, funds, and goods. In addition, Stable blockchain can overcome the credibility of investors, where banks begin to add negative interest rates.


Stable blockchain usually uses fiat funds or precious metals as an anchor to ensure stability. For example, the Digix Gold Token (DGX) uses gold to support while Libra and Reserve are built to rely on the financial basket.


Maker Dai (DAI) remains the most prominent cryptocurrency affiliate platform. The two cryptocurrencies that support DAI. Dai also uses smart contracts to market trends regarding changes in demand and supply levels to ensure timely responses.


Stable blockchains are based on rules written in financial software code for the sole purpose of matching the demand for money with its market offerings. Kowala and Ampleforth are examples of uncomplicated or algorithmic Stable blockchain. Their methods automatically adjust the supply levels, effectively ensuring stability.


The imposition of payments on cryptocurrencies means a certain amount of volatile risks, currently reduced by the use of stable currency: That approach will also reduce costs and increase the speed of international trade.

Lending and acquisitions:

Stable blockchain is developing a flexible risk management system by eliminating the need for intermediate, existing CME and CBOE organizations.

Decentralized Applications(dApps):

Stable blockchain reduces cryptocurrencies' role in speculative transactions, effectively reducing the risks associated with holding funds in crypto assets. Therefore, if the business conducts intelligent contracts, operating costs will be more predictable and infrastructure management more manageable.

Performance Measure:

Stable blockchain increases the accuracy associated with measuring financial performance by eliminating instability. Therefore, internal and external analysts can evaluate project performance while comparing it over time. This is how you can get benefits of this platform.

Some More Detail

Stablechain has own token name #SBC.
The total number to issue SBC amount is about 1,000,000,0000 SBC. This number is not negotiable as it is a good amount.