What Day Is It FFS!!?

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Hi friends,

So on Thursday i thought it was Saturday, and yesterday i thought it was #piratesunday, so today i’mma gonna’ celebrate as if it’s Monday and try out a #pseudoshitpost in the new tag 😜🤣😲


🦍 💨💨💨 — “Brappppppppp!!!

But also, have a look at this site for some piratey fun: clocksandcolors.com



Cheers! from @thedamus


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Hot doggy!

Happy Birthday you 1 Year Pirate Sunday Supporter !




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Those are a couple of badass rings, I hope the are .999 otherwise it's a shame!


I think it’s just Sterling... .925


Close enough, as long as it is silver!!

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Dazed and Confused for so long its not true.....🤣🤣🤣🤣


...wanted a woman, never bargained for you