SSG players on Nextcolony holding on

in #ssglife3 years ago

I have to admit that I am addicted to playing Nextcolony. It fits the nerdy character of mine I guess.

Due to my mishap on holiday I was inactive for weeks but catching up now rapidly.

My ranking worsened - I dropped 50 places - but my ship count belongs to top 10 still.

Some of the members that overtook me are SSG members ! That is good news. Methus and Senstles are doing great. @Flipstar is surrounded by agressive neighbours and I helped him out a little with some ships. Others gave up I noticed or like @soyrosa try to get bigger.

I joined an Alliance to become stronger. The DELTA CLAN to be exactly. Only when you are considered an asset to them you can join. My fleet convinced them of this.

I make a lot of ennemies by attacks and raids but it is just a game so I hope no hard feelings of these victims.

Goldrooster/Powernap going back to space

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