Nextcolony success

in #ssglife3 years ago

Hi SSG members,

With MR4 coming who cares about Nextcolony correct. Well I do but I will make sure to end my MR4 donations out to the winners either before my holiday (Tuesday ) or after July 10th.

Just leave the address in my discord DM!

Back to Nextcolony

To be honest I have been annihilating many in my area in space, robbing them from all resources with a growing fleet of transporters and corvettes. Check out the consortium below under my alt name.

I now produce some 30 ships daily and still favor transporters and corvettes for speed. Soon I wil start building destroyers which will give me opportunity to take revenge on some bullying other SSG members. But first I wanna dominate the part where my main planets are located…..

See you in space



You are a pirate of the solar system! 😃

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