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in #sscp3 years ago (edited)

That is so creative, should have hit trending

Amazing!’ I love it all. The lyrics, the melody, and the kids. Awesome job bub!

Thank you so much Alex, wish you were here for the drumming part :-)

I think the one in the red shirt is your son, his bandage gave him away. 😘

Nobody as smart as you @likedeeler, full upvote shared out, finally.

Very nice job on the lyrics. Im blown away!



Entertaining, beautiful and CONSCIOUS!!!

Love the song and what a great way to burst back into the Steemit Scene!

Great to see/hear you Brother.


Choose the work your soul has in it, because that's where you'll find yourself more meaningful.

This message comes to me in a good time, thanks

Love it Love it Love it!

You are a true showman - but no slouch in the lyrics department - I think you hit the main points with pizzaz - SAY GOODBYE MR. FACEBOOK!

Slouch and pizzaz, it is good i am just sitting with a native English next to me :-)
Thank you so much for your positivity @ecoinstant, motivating... Much love.

And you motivate me!

Now i understand this remark, let's continue this vibe :-)

This is great man! Worthy...

How to flatter somebody with 5 words? :-). Thanks, very much appreciated!

Nice ;-)

A Turkish brother, that's nice! Thanks @holihop, blessings for resteem.

ich bin eine Dame 👧;-)

:-) Whhhoooooopsss :-)

Turkish sisters even better :-)

Next shock "Ich bin from Deutschland"? :-)

ich bin auch aus Deutschland ;-))

This has been out for two days! I dont know how I missed it but as I said I love it!!! You guys are too cool for school. Thanks so much these entries really made my day. Im sorry I missed it somehow till now. There is some good competition going for song choice. I cant wait o collaborate with you guys!

So glad you survived whatever you were doing, nice to hear you, thanks for the positive comment :-)

This is so so cute and entertaining! Love your guitar skills and the boys are just amazing! I am confused between the boy with the brown shirt and the black shirt. I think the one with the black shirt is your son. :)

You were close :-)

Oh so it is the one without cap.

No :-)

Where can we buy the record, great job done ;) I love it!

@bub, I just loved it - so cute and as always with humor only you have%)) It is so pity you post so rarely %( I always look forward what is going to be next from you whether it is a fun comment or post. Much love!

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Hey naughty one, i opened steemworld for the first time and it gives me this interesting list of people i follow who don't follow me, how dare you? :-)

Hehe%) I think I post more comments to your replies than anyone so I can DARE%))) Besides, I am a woman... you know%))) We do all we want%))

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PS: Today I feel rather to follow you%))

Ha ha, you have to know that i love my offline life and wife in the first place :-) For this reason, I have a new rhythm of 1 post a month but will do my best to read and comment as much as possible. Now that you know i love my wife, i can safely say i love your posts truly a lot, they are worked out nicely and worthy content also, you are in my ecotrain top 3. And last but not least, this was just a projection right!? YOU should post a LOT more :-) Much love XXX

Great job @bubke. Glad that you're back Steeming with us.

Thanks again for the edit, great job.

Haha, this is totally Awesome! You used the children against us lol.

Great job no the lyrics and the dance moves !

HHahah! You're all so sympathic! Good job!

Makes my day, really! You guys are so sweet!

Would have been even sweeter with you, how is Europe going? Are you in Germany? I would say please come again to India but it feels more like we will explore Europe soon. Much love.

Oh, hi bubke. I´ve missed your message until now, sorry. Yes, I am in Germany. Europe is, ...well, it depends where you are, and what values you have.
Acctually, i am going to India in 4 weeks. For a while. Not much in the pocket, but lots of faith. I am not planning to come to the south. This time going east. lol. Lets stay in touch!

East, interesting :-). Stay in touch, yes, love.

Why am I seeing this so late? How did I miss this? Grrrrrrr...

To be honest, the kids move better than I dance! 😅 Good for you guys, spreading love, joy and happiness all around you!

I had exactly same feeling with your last post, daily feed sometimes too much for 1 day.
I am sure you would do better than the kidz if beats would be double :-)

I guess at some point we will all be lost in the Oblivion of Steemit. Good to see you back @bubke!

Cool song, cool lyrics, and the boys are so cute! I guess the one without the cap is your son. Right?

Thanks for the lovely words @geenaizzy, wrong guess though

I know it's super late to comment on this post, but OMG I love it so much!!! The joy, the fun, the creativity! I know I don't visit often anymore, but thanks for giving me incentive not to stay away too too long! Love and hugs from Boulder, CO 💕💕

So nice to hear from you :-) I am also very passive on Steemit lately, it takes a lot of energy and i do have a job and family. Loverdielove from mountains of South-India :-)

I was/am spread far too thin these days but don't want to disappear completely. But nice to catch up a little :)

Wow, which part of Goa is it?

The place is special for me: I ran away from my parents home there; tried walking into the sea(suicidal). That was way back in 1999. Later visited the place thrice: 2008, 2010, 2013 and saw with fresh eyes. More visits on the cards. :)
Off to Udaipur for holidays tomorrow. Yay!

South Goa, Palolem, enjoy your holliday

I watched the video properly today, and now writing after the sixth view. Simply superb!
You look great with the 'lungi.' The dance, lyrics, and presentation are fabulous. Thank you again. :)

here's a donation for the kids.. i tried an minnowbooster but it wont take.. tip! 5

Oh, thank u so much, will use it for boost later so everyone gets more curation rewards, boys will be happy :-)

Bravo! Beautifully Done! When shall we expect the full Album? :)

2026 :-)

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very nice video
great post
thank you for your effort

Leuk! Waneer heb je dat gedaan?

Vorige week op bezoek geweest bij Deviani in Palolem...