The Unbelievable Killer Husband

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A beauty to behold in so much despair, worried about her husband whose sister and brother got killed in the most unimaginable way.

Fear gripped her whenever she sees the flashes of the butchered body of her in-laws.

Her husband has been himself since this happened, very strange he never questioned nor worried about their death.

It was scary knowing that two members of his family died all of a sudden by unknown men possibly? what could be their aim?
What joy could the possibly have derived from causing such a harm?
Who actually is the killer?

It was a beautiful evening to behold, an anniversary dinner was planned by this beautiful wife all dressed up in a glittering flowing red gown, lovely high heel's, and perfect make up.
She waited for her husband to join her at the beautiful table with mouth watering dishes she had prepared and set on the table, a romantic fragrance coming from the special candles she lit for this dazzling occasion filled the atmosphere.

Her husband sat and stared at her in a freaky manner, his eye looked fearful and possessed.

She smiled at him and sang a beautiful song for him while she sang he got up and came right behind her.

She stared into his eyes, they were cold and mischievous,
They screamed red but she was clueless what they meant,
She managed a smile while she swallowed hard as he slowly approached her.
He whispered into her ears in a devilish hush tone "I'm hear to watch to beg for your life!" She knew he wasn't joking...

Oh my God she turned to stare at him that was the beginning of her torture, he plucked her left eye instantly with a knife, she screamed and managed to run towards the door not minding the excruciating pain in her eye.

She tried running through the door but it was locked, she pleaded with Hubby in tears but he only came to cut off the next part.

Bring out your tongue Mrs he ordered, flashes of his dead sibling's kept coming through could he be the man behind their death? yes he is why is he after me?
Is he insane?

She fought so hard for her life, while at this he held her neck so tight and almost strangled the life out of her she was almost giving up the ghost until she received a tap from her husband and he asked why you choking already?
She screamed out badly seeing his face right on hers when she got up, there was stench of blood coming from him

I was hurt by a loved one in my nightmare it was a horrific dream.
Who would want to hurt a beautiful damsel like you?
She stared at his eyes and his dark eye brows were stained with blood.
How did the blood stains get there?
She left the bedroom quietly in reality and escaped for her life.

Thanks @jade56 for prompting this post for your contest.

I propose a genre for the next challenge: SERENITY.
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Good imaginary post, the husband must be possessed.


It is really sad he behaved that way to a loving wife.

Awesome article thanks for sharing beautiful


Do not mention
Keep steeming

He whispered in her ears I'm not here for fun but to watch you beg for your life.

It was at this junction i became scared.
I short of words about this wonderful piece of art, but I'm lucky i didn't read this at night because i kept having an imaginary image of every line i read.

was almost giving up the ghost until she received a tap from her husband and he asked why you choking already?

I'm still trying to figure out what this entails, feels like it's a nightmare come true or something. Explain please


Her husband from this story was more of a Psycho the part why you choking already shows that he was already planning to make choke in reality....
He had harboured the thought of killing her that she had a dream about it, the dream was a clue for her to escape and know who he really was.

Beautiful Post congratulations dear


Thanks a lot

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Scaring but interesting story. The husband must be possessed or something. Awesome piece of writing. Thanks for sharing


He actually is possessed with a psycho mindframe @emma001.


I thought as much

The horror scene!
Nice write up.
more grace to your power.


I am glad you enjoyed my piece.
Keep steeming

So scarry.
Though its cool.
Like to see more


Thanks so much keep up with the new post coming through

I'm thinking her husband is a psychopath and God has to have been on that woman's side to show her such revelations.


You just nailed it Rosy God just revealed to her early enough who he was.
I am glad I nailed this fiction story

Nice article


Thanks, how nice was it?



Thanks how nice was it when you read it?

Now this is creativity!



Thanks a lot for commending my fiction story

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I wold have say that the husband is possess but let me mind my business


He actually is no right thinking man would do this

Creativity at its peak. More grace sis.


Thanks so much for much big sister.

  ·  last year (edited)

Based on the story you posted, Her husband was having a severe disorder in the mind. If you are at conscious, you can never hurt your wife. The Husbands is an obsessed Individual. And it may seem he have pleasure when someone suffer in pain. He should have a serious judgement. It is a reality that there are husbands who do abusive actions to their wives. This is no joke. This is a hard Escape for every woman. We should respect and love woman. We should think about our mother and sisters. If we hurt a woman, it sames as we hurt them too.
This is just my opinion anyway, But I hoping and Praying that every woman deserves love and respect.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow baby, this is great! You did a great job on making us scared

Was so totally glued to this..
Your mind is wild.

Great @enuireal1

Smlies ......Eunice the guru writer

You cant stop amazing me ever ready and willing to write wow....

Wow.. This actually made me scared. Nice one


If he didnt go in search for then he is truly a hunter

Great piece dear

Mistery story.
We need Poirot if we want this solved.

excellent fiction filled with suspense

Awesome content!
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Thks for sharing

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Great boss

Really nice, scary at the moment would complete reading when it is day time, smiles


Hmm. This your tori take style dey scary oooo. Na nightmare abi na demon possession or mind control?

Pharmacy Eunice!. What can i say!. Mindblowing.

Pharmacy Eunice!. What can i say!. Mindblowing.

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Dope bruv

Ooooh sçary!

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What a dream

Good story @eunireal1 and you earned some good sbd with it. Blessings!


Thanks so much

Wow quite scary.... Amazing write up


Thanks big bro

You are so real with the words... The words entered... it got me!