Praising God in yoruba ( Ki gbogbo aiye yin Oluwa)(Spread Messiah’s praise)

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Okan at’ohun mi
Ni ngo fi yin Jesu
Ki gbogbo aiye yin Oluwa
O njoba ni gbogbo
Aiye ati orun
Enit’o da ohun gbogbo

O wa bi iranse
Ninu awo eda
O gba egun wa s’ori Re
O fi ‘ra Re rubo
Ota ‘je Re sile
Lati so wa d’ominira

Asegun ti jinde
O bori ota Re
O si di won ni igbekun
O fo ijoba won
O mu won jewo pe
Kristi l’Oba gbogbo aiye

Ninu anu Re nla
L’o fi njoba l’aiye
Ninu ogbon at’ododo
Eni to Jesu wa
Y’o to ife Re wo
Y’o ri ‘gbala nla gba l’ofe

Oba alafia
Ki ijoba Re de
Ki gbogb’ aiye ri ogo Re
Titi ododo Re
Ati iwa-mimo
Y’o gbile ninu aiye yi

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