New Weekly Recipe Contest By Srecipes

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In order to keep you chefs busy as well while we work hard on the development of the website, Srecipes is starting a new weekly contest! This is your chance to earn some SRECIPES tokens. If you want to know the benefits of SRECIPES token make sure to read our Whitepaper for more info.


To participate in the contest:

  1. Make a post containing a creative recipe that will make us all hungry and use tag ''srecipes''
  2. Add title ''Weekly Srecipes contest''
  3. Join our Discord server
  4. Share your recipe with our community in the Discord server under channel #recipe-contest.


Each Sunday, recipes from the previous week will be reviewed by our team. One recipe per week wins and it will be rewarded with SRECIPES tokens.


Each week, the winner will be announced on our Discord server and the recipe will be resteemed on our Steemit blog for maximum visibility.


The winner will receive 50 SRECIPES tokens.

We wish you good luck and we can not wait to see your creativity in the kitchen and also some inspiration to make something new in the kitchen ourselves.

Make sure to invite your cooking friends to participate in the contest as well!


Where can we get more info?

Discord Logo SMALL.png


Very good, i'm ready to parcipate!

This would be a very good one

I'm going to do a little brainstorm session to see if I can come up with something. But looking very much forward to the start of Srecipes.

Good to hear ! We love to encourage people to start doing something new and creative in the kitchen :) Good luck !

I'm not really good at cooking thou, but @srecipes could teach me. Thank you!

cooking is fun