Best Selling Apps on Apple Store Spy on Users

in spy •  last year 

Adware Doctor is on the top paid apps list for revenue on Apple's Mac software store in the Utilities category, but it seems that the app has not only benefited from subscriber money, it tracks user data as it appears now.

According to e-security reports, the application or tool tracks and stores users' browsing data and then sells them to different application developers, but despite reporting the application after detection, Apple did not move towards it to delete it.

To illustrate the idea of ​​the application, it works to track and block ads and stop malicious tabs when surfing the web for $ 4.99, which certainly helps users, but they will often refuse help if they know the app is spying on the Internet, how will it be when they know they are paying Money to spy on them?

Apple may be responsible in one way or another for the application, as users of the Mac system can not download any application from outside the store, as is the case with iOS on phones, which means that the company is responsible for checking and details of each application on the store before Its adoption is for users, who seem to have failed in it.

We can say that the time came when we were talking about spyware on Apple's store, after the talk stopped at Google Play Store.

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