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Items in my closet

When you finished your Monkee master agreement, your intro post, and updated your profile pic and banner - you earned 250 points and 3 accessories!: your pirate patch, shovel and treasure chest! Looks like YOU are a Monkee that is READY to go on a hunt!!!

Put the link for YOUR Monkee closet at the bottom of your posts, so your Monkee friends can see what kind of special things you have! Some might be EXTRA rare! You might want to hold onto those.... or ... maybe you want to trade for something special you have your eye on!

It's up to you!

Just have fun!!!

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Did you want to dress your monkee in any of your items?

You can choose a snack/ treat for the upper hand, a hat/bandana for the head, an eyepatch (or take it off), a gem (or specialty item not revealed yet) for the lower hand, and an outfit - if you own one yet - for the monkee!

Let me know and I'll dress him tonight! That will be your outfit for your monkee until next Saturday so choose wisely ;)

Yay. I am a happy mom!!! :)

@strongtower approves of your excitement!


Sorry @jaysmasterpiece!

When I looked into the chest - I thought you had a plain emerald. but.... i looked again at the records in my safe - you have a SPARKLING emerald!

your closet has been updated!
what do you think of that sparkling jewel @iamjadeline? pretty cool right?

Wow. That is amazing. I thought I see wrongly then I blink my eyes and see the it again. - - - - sparkling!!! Yuhoo!!!

hehehe yes! @jimramones is VERY talented :)

Thank you @strongtower it look very nice with the sparkling thing on my emerald thank you so much.

Yes - some emeralds sit still - and some sparkle!

You got the one that sparkles :) (it's more rare than the ones that sit still hehehe)

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