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OFFICIAL POST for journaling SPUNKEE MONKEE tasks!

What did I do today?

2nd February 2019

🛁This is how I cared for my Health & Hygiene!🤩

I swam for 2 hours and my legs were shaking. I did freestyle, breaststroke, and I played for a while. I did not go for swim classes but I see my brother swim and I try to follow.

🌳This is how I made my Environment shine!🏠

We did Lou Sang and we ate Yee Sang. After that, the place messy. We finished eating and then I helped clean.

IMG_0929 (1).GIF

🤝Here is how I was of service today!👍

We had a small party for Daddy's birthday. I helped Daddy at the supermarket. I also helped Daddy carry the food up to the house.

🎨 Here is how I had fun with my hobby! 🏈

Swimming is also my hobby. I also danced to K-POP. The song I danced and sang along to is BTS - Fake Love. My favourite K-POP singer is Kim Taehyung (BTS) and my favourite K-POP rapper is Vernon (Seventeen)..

👩🏻‍🎓 I discovered this about what I might want to be 👨🏻‍🎓

I would also like to have a Boy Band with my brothers. One brother said ok, the other one is not saying anything.

🤔 My special thoughts about today 🤔

I watched The Nun because some of the guests at the party wanted to and I think I won't go into dark, scary or abandoned places. I also thought I might have nightmares, but I didn't. I think this is because the last part was funny.
Mom and I talked about doing videos once or twice a week. And Mom will make a chart for me because I cannot remember what I am suppose to do everyday. I am also in charge of taking pictures and videos of my daily activities so I can remember and also share.

Points Earned for Today

Tasks Complete (out of 5 total) : 5/5

Total Points For Today: 100

@spunkeemonkee will verify TOTAL points for today in a comment. Remaining BALANCE will be recorded in the comment. If you have enough points to start digging - go dig on the DAY'S Hunt Post! GREAT JOB TODAY, MONKEE!!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! were those noodles??? mmmmmm now i'm hungry for those noodles! hehehehe and i shouldn't be eating because its 10:27 pm here hahahahahaha

but yummmm - i love noodles! LOL I can't eat regular noodles anymore because they have gluten in them... so i have to eat gluten free noodles. They are still tasty - but sometimes i miss the chewy texture of the ramen noodles hehehehe

but - i do like the chewy rice noodles that I eat for pad thai- yummm! (can you tell that I'm very hungry??? we better get the ship's cook to start making us something on our pirate ship adventure!!!)

You were a great help to your family today - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DAD!!!! did you all eat cake? :) was he able to blow out all the candles? hehehe

and you're learning all those swimming strokes just by watching your brother? That's awesome! Sometimes we really do learn very well - just by watching, don't we?? :) It's great exercise also! I wish that I could go swimming now - but its winter time here for me. Guess what? They are telling us that we might have 12 inches of snow tomorrow!!!

But.... i don't believe them hehehe - i think maybe only 3 inches! (and i hope NO inches - because I don't like snow hahahaha)

Loved hearing about your day!!!

  • Monkee Capt'n Dreemie :)

Thank you.

No the are not noodles. They are actually vegetables, salmon, and nuts. They say those who get the salmon are even luckier.

You're gluten free? Wow! Actually I don't know what it means. Maybe I will ask my mom.

I can tell that you are really hungry and we should start cooking on the pirate ship adventure. I make very good pancakes :D

Thank you Capt'n Dreemie

Go Monkee Go!


Thank you :D