My 3rd day as a MONKEE!!

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OFFICIAL POST for journaling SPUNKEE MONKEE tasks!

What did I do today?

🛁This is how I cared for my Health & Hygiene! 🤩

I've brushed my teeth. Washed my hands before eating. AGAIN! Hahaha.
My mom almost fell over!

🌳This is how I made my Environment shine!🏠

I brought my dirty clothes to the laundry room before my shower. Usually I drop them everywhere...(or so 'she' says)

🤝Here is how I was of service today!👍

I set the table and cleaned it off.

🎨 Here is how I had fun with my hobbies!🏈

I watched videos and played games, I do that almost every day. But I'm not allowed to be on it too much and have to share...Whatever does that mean?

👩🏻‍🎓 I discovered this about what I might want to be 👨🏻‍🎓

I know that if I really want something, I will have to work hard to accomplish it. That's why I play games so often lol...

🤔 My special thoughts about today 🤔

It was very rainy today, but thats normal.

Points Earned for Today

Tasks Complete (out of 5 total) : 5

Total Points For Today: 100

@spunkeemonkee will verify TOTAL points for today in a comment. Remaining BALANCE will be recorded in the comment. If you have enough points to start digging - go dig on the DAY'S Hunt Post! GREAT JOB TODAY, MONKEE!!

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