Day #13 Spunkee Monkee daily report

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OFFICIAL POST for journaling SPUNKEE MONKEE tasks!

What did I do today?

It was freezing cold today! I wore 2 shirts under my winter jacket.

We didn’t do laps during P.E, instead we got to watch a movie. It was “cars” movie. When I was 4 years old, I used to collect all the die-cast cars. Until now, I’m still a fan of Lightning McQueen. I have all my die-cast cars kept in a box, and later on when my brother is a little bit bigger to play with metal cars, I am going to let him have everything. I can’t believe I have collected so much and they are still good to play with.

🛁This is how I cared for my Health & Hygiene! 🤩

I cleaned my ears with mommy’s supervisions and I put away my dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

🌳This is how I made my Environment shine!🏠

I put away my art stuff to it’s containers and I cleaned my table after I did my homework.

🤝Here is how I was of service today!👍

I offered my help when mommy was preparing our dinner. I assisted her in everything she needed to do.

🎨 Here is how I had fun with my hobbies!🏈

I listened to some Christmas songs in my mommy’s playlist. She loves to sing while cooking, I think I know some of the songs already.

🤔 My special thoughts about today 🤔

Today, was a bad day. I told mommy and daddy I was being bullied by two of my classmates. I showed mommy and daddy that I got bruises in my arms, these kids are punching me and taking my lunch. I feel bad for mommy, she is always worrying about me, but she will talk to my teacher by tomorrow. Daddy said to be tough and be brave. I just wish my classmates are more nice and friendly. -Tama

Don’t worry, I’m aware about it and I’m going to school to talk to his teacher about this. Let’s just hope I handle it well tomorrow ‘cause it pains me that my little dork is scared. School should be fun and not like this. -Mama dork

Points Earned for Today

Tasks Complete (out of 5 total) : 5
✅ Hygiene
✅ Environment
✅ Future Career
✅ Service
✅ Hobbies

Total Points For Today: 💯

@spunkeemonkee will verify TOTAL points for today in a comment. Remaining BALANCE will be recorded in the comment. If you have enough points to start digging - go dig on the DAY'S Hunt Post! GREAT JOB TODAY, MONKEE!!

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I am very sorry that it was a bad day, and some of the kids are being bullies.

The good news is, you, sir, are a very strong and brave person.
Only strong and brave people can speak up and talk about hard things.
Speaking up, being brave? That's amazing.
you are an amazing young man!
Very well done, my friend.

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