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OFFICIAL POST for journaling SPUNKEE MONKEE tasks!

What did I do today?

This is being typed in by @rubberduckiemom.

🛁This is how I cared for my Health & Hygiene! 🤩

I brushed my teeth and hair, but not with the same brush. Haha.

🌳This is how I made my Environment shine!🏠

I put my clothes away after I washed them.

🤝Here is how I was of service today!👍

I raked the leaves at my grandma's back yard.

🎨 Here is how I had fun with my hobbies!🏈

I continued to color in the giant box that my grandma got with her freezer.

👩🏻‍🎓 I discovered this about what I might want to be 👨🏻‍🎓

It takes four or five years at the veteranieran college.

🤔 My special thoughts about today 🤔

My dog Baxter is cute. He plays with me and makes cute little faces. He is just silly.

Points Earned for Today

Tasks Complete (out of 5 total) : 5 out of 5

Total Points For Today: 100

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Hehehehe you are so funny!!!!! Do you get your humor from your grandma??? Cuz I think she's funny too!

It would be pretty bad to brush your hair with a toothbrush... Or brush your teeth with a hairbrush hahahaha

Maybe tomorrow you can take a pic of your dog and show us the funny faces he makes!!!! LOLOLOL

(If Dad says it's ok! Always ask him)


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hahaha, good thing you didn't brush both your teeth and hair with the same brush... that would have been a little icky :D
Maybe one day when you are done, you will show us this giant box you are colouring :)

hey @gg2.. nice work you're up to day 3

It's really good to know you don't use the same brush for teeth and hair .. I've heard Shadows telling me that she's going to brush her teeth and hair but with different brushes .. I thought she was being silly but I guess for humans it would be different for them.

I really love that you're helping grandma do things around her place. Respecting elders is always important. Even kitties have to remember to respect the older cats, when I am not playing with them. When we play, anything goes.

What have you been drawing on the big box now? Sounds like you will have a HUGE picture when you are done.

I think I'd like your dog Baxter being silly. Shadows laughs at me when I put my head down toward the floor and then turn so I'm looking up from the floor. She says I'm being silly.

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Keep up the great work.

Hobo and The Gang

I love dogs too. Your dog sounds very friendly! :D