It’s A Triple Play ~ #SPUD5 <> 2 Year Steem-versary <> 10K Steem Power level Reached ~ Steem On!!

in #spud52 years ago (edited)

Hi @jlsplatts

Thanks for your happy post about SPUD, it's nice to read

You make me smile and stay in a good mood

Hehe, is excited about what you will find on when SPUD6 arrives

That's a huge Power Up my friend! Nice.
I also happen to read about Splatz for the first time. Gonna give it a try at some worthy posts!
Cheers and #SPUD on!

Awesome!! Splatz is pretty new and ran by a few great steemians and I. Just mention @splatz in your reply to their post and let us do the rest.
I was stacking this Steem for a while!! It was tough not to power-up before SPUD5