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Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to all Steemians,
I am Posting a Blog after very long time. And the reason is to take a chance on the contest and hope to re-start my posting here.
Thanks to @shrazi who encourage me to participate in #SPUD4STEEM.
As I remember it will my first Power-up since I joined the STEEMIT.
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I have some Steem on my wallet and I will transfer some if Binance open deposit/withdrawal. Let's see...

Visit the contest post by @kiwiscanfly


Hello from me here in New Zealand nice to meet you

Good to hear you will participate in #spud4steem :)

Hope you win a prize!

Thank You.
Do you know any trusted exchange like binance, bittrex etc that allow deposit/withdrawal for steem?

poloniex maybe?

OK Thank You

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