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We are underway for our September 1st Power up event #SPUD4STEEM , since its #SPUD4STEEM i want to power up some Steem as well.

Now since i am a sponsor i do not qualify for the Prize pool but i still want to join in!

Here is my Wallet before Power up with 17,480SP


Here is the amount i am powering up 187SP


Wallet after power up - i now have 17,667SP


These awesome #SPUD4STEEM Sponsors know the importance of Powering up Steem - be like them



Ok time to start looking at others who are joining into #SPUD4STEEM

Have a good start to month everyone

I am @kiwiscanfly



Good job here on steemit from you. Best wishes for you.

Thanks for that feedback

appreciate it :)

After 3 days i will power up 50 steem. And i will not stop i will grow more.

Good to hear - build that Steem Power

Staking steem coin is the most wise act on steemit platform. Best wishes...

Yes that is correct - Stack that Steem Power

Excelente encendido amigo, me provoca superar tu monto... si eso haré!, pero aquí aún no es tiempo, esperaré unas cuantas horas más. XD

Happy powerup day kiwi... I am coming..

También encenderé Steem, excelente iniciativa amigo!!

Hola amigo que buen encediendo tu SP está bien alto, yo también ya hice mi participación en el spud4steem espero te guste.

Saludos Cordiales

Soy @jesusbar23 Moderador De La Comunidad Cryptokids


#affable #venezuela

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