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We are just 7 days away till the August edition of #spud4steem, starting this time in 7 days! The prize pool has been raised with some awesome prize delegations plus some special prizes from @stephenkendal.
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stepehen sbd.jpg
This post will show you the guidelines to be eligible for any prizes

We would have nothing if it were not for these awesome sponsors - thank you!

& me:)


Let the Countdown begin to August 1st - will you join us?
i am @kiwiscanfly


Thank you for organizing this again. Bigger and better every month!

The Steemit Team

Thank you for supporting this again :)

@kiwiscanfly. This really sounds interesting. We want to compete in this contest as a Community with this Community account. Hope we are eligible to participate?

Hi that would be good if you enter, your account does need to have a minimum of 50 steem power - i see you have some rewards coming so keep being active around here and you will build your steem power :)

Steemit users must have more than 50 steem power in their wallet (prior to #SPUD4STEEM and no more than 20,000 steem Power

Prepared! I already have my steem ready for the power up that I will do that day. only 7 days.

Excellent good work, hope you win a prize :)

Thanks You very much 🤗

Hi @kiwiscanfly

Can you give @nevlu123 an answer to this question


Well nice to see price is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to all sponsors. I hope the SPUD deposit value will be greater than previous month.

Hopefully we can build in last month :)

thanks for stopping by

All the awards are fantastic. Congratulations to all.

You should enter :)

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