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Steem is looking to give us a nice pump, Since We are coming up to the 5th month of 2020 while the world is shut down nothing can stop crypto am I right?

So let's make this Powerup day a nice day to remember. I am going to hit for another 5,000 to power up as I did here.


Steem Power Up

I hope many can join and enjoy some nice green numbers maybe we can even hit .5 a Steem.
I will be thinking of a nice incentive to help out with delegations to some of the notable people that Power up nice amounts.

I am buying Steem, this is not financial advice but...


STEEM pumped so much that I have to sell! Too much gains.

Wow, STEEM just pumped!! It's at 0.75 USD as I type this.
Oh wait, wrong screen.........

This is probably obvious, but if anyone is wondering what that is, then that is Hive. Its price is skyrocketed in the last 24 hours. Currently (2020.04.26, 13:45 CEST) it is $0.755556 USD (+80.25% in the last 24 hours). I currently have 76.355 Hive + 822.731 Hive Power. This currently worth $679.30 USD. This is more than my monthly income (about/around $422.81 USD) in real life nowadays. Not bad without investing any money.


i have been powering up -- whenever my hive power down comes once a week ..
And in a while i will do it again

Nice to hear from someone working the odds the other way. I am doing neither and keeping both coins - one as passive curation income, and the other blogging - though I haven't blogged in a LONG while. You must be getting a good amount of steem with the recent pump.

That is very smart. People who,sold all their Hive at .97 to buy Bitcoin on Sunday are the real winners. .... not me though. Oh well. Maybe next pump ???

$.5 steem would be amazing! I'd sell though, so that means I wont be powering up. What's the point of a pump if i can't sell to take advantage? :)

$0.50 USD for 1 Steem would be amazing? There were times, when Steem was much above $1 USD. That would be amazing. The ATH (All Time High) of Steem is currently $8.57 USD. That was on 2018.01.03.

0.50 steem WOULD be amazing, especially for those of us who bought at .12 and have been using the platform often.

It would be a little payout, but little is better than nothing.

Of course,0.50 cent steem is nothing to power down over.

Yes, yes. I was around for all that. I even bought Steem at $4.50. I used to be an Orca on here.
Right now the price is 0.14 - 0.16, so yes it would be amazing at 0.5. I also think it will be "amazing" because I don't believe Steem can rise that much anymore. Maybe with some artificial pump.. maybe.. but Steem isn't what it used to be.

The pump is 1.1% or i'm missing something?

Yes it is. This guy is calling everyday fluctuations a pump and buying 90$ in upvotes. Welcome to TronSteem.

It would definitely be nice to see some upward movement... I've been here both for $8 Steem and for 7 cent Steem. I'm more of a content creator than a trader, though... trying to time all these market spikes seems more like gambling than investing, to me...

I'd like to see a steem pump. I sold the hive I was forked yesterday and it was a nice free gift. I've been hoping for some steem fun for almost 3 years. However, last june I decided that I would keep my earnings liquid because it was so hard to earn. Even before the fork, steemit was a ghostown and there wasn't a lot of voting. So if I power up my precious liquid steem it would only be a little bit.

Steemit is a ghost town, because people are selfish and greedy. Most of the people are focusing only on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. Most of the posts are ignored/overlooked. The real human comments are rare. Both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. This leads to many disappointed users, who leave the platform. Most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain users are content creators, but there are almost no content consumers. This is why the user retention of the platform is so bad.

absolutely right

@chronocrypto, you are so right. Nothing can stop cryptop. This is amazing.

This will make my day .... Got a lil outta the hive pump .... Hopefully steem will follow

WhOoT WhOoT Steem On my Peeps!!! 😎

U guy's make my day

I am buying Steem, this is not financial advice but...

Intrigued me with the word "but".

real pump?

Well, pump or dump are part of the market movement, maybe not today to take some profit, I expect higher prices.

what is your target?

when hit 0,5$ or maybe more, I dont know for sure right now just HODL, we can see on chart Steem try to push support level, if it fail, it will be more up in the next month or mybe weeks.

It would actually be nice to see a Steem price rise. It haven’t had much action in a very long time.

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I loved that pump!!!!! I sold my liquid hive because I feel like this euphoria is unsustainable. I wish it would be but it is based on 2 exchanges listing hive and a couple of articles, not on a new embracing from the masses. Right now binance has all hive locked. As soon as people can sell I think there will be a big dump. I sold my liquid and kept my staked hive. I have high hopes for hive but low expectations. I pray I'm wrong.

The Steem and the Hive blockchain are not really different. The users are almost the same. The selfishness and the greed of the people are ruining both of the blockchains. Most of the people are not grown up to this technology.

Current pump seem to be mostly related to upcoming airdrop on 28th April

I would expect price huge dump right after that date

what air drop are you talking about?

the one on huobi exchange on 28th

the one on huobi exchange on 28th

yeah, what airdrop?

the one on huobi exchange on 28th

Maybe, but Hive has all the chances to stay far higher than Steem, as Hive isn't censored and centralized shithole as what Steem has become.

Hi @apsu

as Hive isn't censored and centralized shithole as what Steem has become.

Let's agree to disagree. Being blacklisted on hive, or downvoted for criticizing witnesses is also sort of censorship.

However important part is the fact, that censorship or lack of it - doesn't have much of an impact on token economy and it's price. At least I don't see that connection.


Steem went to $8 due to an exchange listing STEEM & SBD. Let's see who hits $8 first.

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