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I thought the sky was falling

For a bit there I thought my Spud5 Power Up was fried, due to the cantankerous behavior of the Steem blockchain. I am happy to report that the power up was a success and that I have regained my sanity after the forced time away from all things Steem.

Here is my powerup information, yayy! Hahaa of course my screenshot doesn't show it, but I did power up the 113 steem that I bought from @blocktrades

Sometimes you just have to find something to do to while away the hours as you wait on your forked up life to return to status quo. I'm so happy to see everyone made it through to the other side safe and sound

Steem on everybody


Glad you made it through and stuck around the area.

Hahaa...you're stuck with me now! lol

Well lovely to have you SPUD even with all the drama going down and us limping along these days!

lol we may be limping but we won't be counted out of the race eh? lol....onward!

Good job! Now it’s time to take it easy for a day or so.

Thank you, and I agree on a day of rest lol

"cantankerous" well there is one word I prolly can't say but will be using to show off.

Happy belated spudding

hehe take it and make it your own lol ....use it often :D

Hi! Hope you are well.
Where are your new posts?!

See you!